Black Static #28 is now out.

It features fiction by Carole Johnstone, Jon Ingold, Priya Sharma and Joel Lane, and non-fiction by Stephen Volk, Peter Tennant, Tony Lee and Mike O’Driscoll. Illustrations are by Warwick Fraser-Coombe, David Gentry, Richard Wagner.

My own story ‘Pale Limbs’ also appears, with a great illustration by Mark Pexton.

Not One Of Us #47 is out.

As well as fiction by Patricia Russo, Francesca Forrest, Mike Allen and A.A. Garrison, there’s a fine range of poetry and great cover and interior art by John Stanton.

My story ‘The Glass Presence’ also appears, I’m delighted to say.

Black Static number 23 is out. It features new stories by V.H. Leslie, Joel Lane, Carole Johnstone, and the World Horror Convention/Black Static contest winner Robert Davies.

It also contains my story ‘Hail’, illustrated by Rik Rawling who runs a great art/music blog here:

Other story illustrations come from Richard Wagner and Mark Pexton.

Non-fiction comes from the Black Static power quintet of Peter Tennant, Stephen Volk, Christopher Fowler, Mike O’Driscoll and Tony Lee.

Preview of the magazine here: